XCP Solutions from Vector

The XCP standard was developed with crucial input by Vector, whose extensive know-how and experience also flowed into comprehensive support of the measurement and calibration protocol:

CANape is primarily used for optimal parameterization (calibration) of electronic control units. You can calibrate parameter values during the system’s runtime and simultaneously acquire measured signals. The physical connection between CANape and the ECU is over XCP (for all standardized transport protocols like XCP on Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, etc.) or over CCP. CANape
A complete tool chain for generating and managing the necessary A2L description files (ASAP2 Tool-Set and CANape with integrated ASAP2 Editor). ASAP2 Tool-Set and CANape
CANoe .AMD/XCP lets you access internal ECU values for testing and analysis tasks. CANoe .AMD/XCP
ECU interfaces
The VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware offers the option of equipping ECUs with an XCP-on-Ethernet interface. This involves connecting a Plug on Device (POD) to the ECU for direct access to the controller, e.g. over DAP, JTAG, Nexus, etc. The POD transmits the data to a base module, which operates as an XCP Slave and provides the data to the XCP Master on the PC over XCP on Ethernet. VX1000
Embedded software communication modules with separate transport layers for CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet
XCP Basic – free download, only contains basic XCP functions. Configuration of the XCP protocol and modification of the transport layer are performed manually in the source code. You need to integrate XCP Basic in your project yourself. Download XCP Basic
XCP Professional – contains useful extensions to the ASAM specification and enables tool-based configuration. Available for Vector CANbedded basic software. Data Sheet XCP Professional
MICROSAR XCP – contains the functional features of XCP Professional and is based on AUTOSAR specifications. Available for Vector MICROSAR basic software. MICROSAR XCP
Consultation on using XCP on your projects Consultation on use of XCP
Integration of XCP in your ECU Integration of XCP modules
You can learn about the protocol’s underlying mechanisms and models in the "XCP Fundamentals Seminar". XCP Fundamentals Seminar