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MICROSAR - Your AUTOSAR Basic Software and RTE


MICROSAR is the embedded software for your AUTOSAR ECUs. It consists of the runtime environment MICROSAR RTE and MICROSAR basic software modules (BSW). They cover the entire AUTOSAR standard and contain a lot of useful extensions.

The uniform and intuitive user interface of DaVinci Configurator Pro is used to configure the MICROSAR modules. This tool includes helpful features like automatic derivation of parameters and extensive validation functions.

Entry to AUTOSAR

Is AUTOSAR a new area for you, and do you want to learn about the basics first? We would be glad to assist you!

AUTOSAR 4.x and 3.x

You can get the entire set of basic software for AUTOSAR 4.x and 3.x from a single source. In migrating your projects, you benefit from a uniform development environment.


  • Functional safety according to ISO 26262
  • Diagnostics with OBD II and WWH-OBD
  • Intelligent charging of e-vehicles
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Overview of Advantages

  • The entire set of AUTOSAR basic software for release 4.x and 3.x
  • Many useful extensions
  • Delivery of preconfigured basic software

High-Performance Tools

Vector offers a complete tool chain that covers all development processes ranging from vehicle system design to code generation for ECUs.

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