Measurement and Calibration of ECUs

The parameters of a control algorithm can only be determined conditionally with a laboratory model. While the functions’ algorithms are firmly contained in the ECU program, parameter values such as characteristic maps, curves and values can only be acquired and optimized on the test bench or in driving trials. This process is called ECU calibration.

Two ASAM standardized protocols are used for calibration:

CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol):

ASAM developed the standardized measurement and calibration protocol CCP in order to calibrate ECUs independent of the manufacturer, in the vehicle over the CAN bus, centrally from a single master, and via a universal interface. Communication is conducted by the Master-Slave principle. Serving as a slave is an embedded software module that is integrated in each ECU to be calibrated. The CCP driver from Vector can be obtained at our download center free-of-charge. Upon request we would be glad to support you in integrating the CCP driver in your projects, together with the rest of the CANbedded Software modules.

XCP (Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol):

ASAM defined the universal measurement and calibration protocol XCP as a logical continuation of CCP. The most significant advantage of the XCP protocol compared to CCP is its separation of the transport and protocol layers. The protocol layer is the same for all bus systems, regardless of whether CAN, FlexRay or Ethernet is used. The Vector XCP-Module can be optimally integrated in the ECU together with the AUTOSAR communication stack. You do not need any specific communication stack for calibrating; rather you can use the existing stack. A basic version is also available at our download center free-of-charge. Upon request, we would be glad to support you in integrating the XCP modules with the rest of the CANbedded or AUTOSAR software modules.

For more information on XCP go the ECU Calibration area at the Vector website.

Vector’s system solution for ECU calibration:

Vector can offer you a comprehensive system solution for ECU calibration, in which the master and slave software are optimally tuned to one another. For example, the Vector XCP modules, when combined with CANape the all-round tool for ECU measurement, calibration and diagnostics – offer high calibration performance via FlexRay. In addition, Vector has implemented a whole series of specific functions in CANape, such as "Dynamic allocation of XCP bandwidth for FlexRay" and "In-cycle multiple DAQ list transmission".

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