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2019-05-20: Vector Forum 2019: Agile Scaling—Scaled Agile (Stuttgart, Germany, 27. Jun. 2019)

Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Knorr-Bremse, ZF and Vector present their experiences and best industry practice on Agile Development.

2018-08-08: E/E Engineering Knowledge – The PREEvision Webinars 2018
2018-04-15: PREEvision UserDay 2018
2018-03-15: E/E Engineering in Your Hands
2017-12-01: Develop Ethernet Networks Clearly and from Scratch
2017-11-17: Technical Article: Making On-Train Monitoring Recorder Data Easy to Interpret
2017-11-17: Technical Article: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Requirement Engineering
2017-11-14: E/E Engineering Knowledge – The PREEvision Webinars 2017
2017-10-19: Technical Article: Model-Based Solutions for Medical Systems
2017-03-30: PREEvision UserDay 2017
2017-03-29: Technical Article: Service-oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles
2017-03-13: Technical Article: Integrated Development of a Complete E/E Architecture
2017-01-13: Technical Article: E/E Development for Future Vehicle Innovations
2016-12-12: Technical Article: PREEvision for Next Generation E/E Architectures
2016-11-29: Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks with vMeasure exp
2016-11-03: Technical Article: Testing the Unique - the Biggest Aircraft
2016-02-05: vADASdeveloper 2.0 – Developing Multisensor Applications Quickly and Conveniently
2016-02-04: vMeasure CSM – Reliable Acquisition and Easy Evaluation of Measurement Data
2015-08-27: Technical Article: Ethernet and CAN FD - New Communication Paradigms in Automotive Networking

The use of Ethernet and CAN FD is increasing. Ethernet is not only used because of the higher bandwidth but also the introduction of new communication paradigms is of high relevance.

2015-02-13: CSM and Vector Reinforce Their Integrated Measurement Technology Solution With Joint Strategy
2014-12-08: The Answer to Your Questions – Vector KnowledgeBase
2013-12-20: Technical Article: Testing Car2x Applications
2013-12-03: Technical Article: Automated HIL Test System Ensures ISOBUS Functionality of Agricultural Machines
2013-12-02: Technical Article: Logging CAN Bus Data for Flight Tests - In Pursuit of Sporadic Errors
2013-10-10: Vector signs Memorandum of Understanding to introduce Car2x communication
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