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Software Testing Trends
Software Testing Symposium 2018

What is the Software Testing Symposium?

Vector presented its first Software Testing Symposium in North America on September 19, 2018 in Boston, MA. This complimentary one-day event contained presentations on the latest software testing topics, trends and techniques. The event featured an exhibition area with demos of innovative technologies designed to simplify testing.

Real-World Know-How

Proven experts from the field of software development presented their projects and solutions. Keynote speaker and software testing expert, James Bach opened the event and was joined by speakers from leading organizations including Carnival, Dell EMC, and Sunrise Labs. Topics focused on solutions in software testing including:

  • Defining the role of today’s software tester
  • Mitigating risk by taking guesswork out of testing
  • Building a software test team and providing metrics during the test process
  • Defining actionable ideas for improving software quality
  • Deploying multi-phase testing in a DevOps pipeline using unit test automation
  • Test concepts and design methods for efficient HIL system tests
  • “Shifting left” through the adoption of automated testing and continuous integration

The event ended with an engaging panel discussion to answer the question “Should testing be done by dedicated teams?”


Heavy Meta Testing: What Testers Are Turning Into

Keynote Speaker: James Bach, Founder and Principal, Satisfice, Inc.

What software testers need to do to maintain their skillset

  • Becoming a testing leader
  • Fostering testing and its importance to teams

Download Presentation

The Risky Business of “I Don’t Know”

Janna Loeffler, Sr. Manager Experience Quality Standards, Carnival Corporation

Why software testers say “I don’t know” and when it’s OK

  • Stretching outside your comfort zone to be a better tester
  • Tips and techniques to mitigate risk by taking guesswork out of testing

Download Presentation

Actionable Ideas for Improving Software Quality

John Paliotta, Global Product Line Manager Code Testing, Vector North America

Over the past 35+ years, lots of new tools and processes have been developed to make software development easier, yet buggy software persists

  • The cost of software maintenance
  • Simple approaches any software project can take to improve quality

Download Presentation

Journey to Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

Adam Arakelian, Director of Engineering, Dell EMC

Moving to a continuous, automated testing model for embedded systems

  • Adoption of automated testing and “shifting left”
  • When to test manually and when to test using automation

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Building a Software Test Team

Jim Turner, Director of Software Engineering, Sunrise Labs

How to create a test organization from the ground up

  • Organizing the team with respect to skills and the software architecture
  • Running the test team, providing metrics during the test process

Download Presentation

Ensuring Software Code Quality for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Jeffrey Fortin, VectorCAST Product Manager, Vector North America

The IIoT encompasses safety- and performance-critical applications that are dependent on products controlled by software

  • Adjusting software development processes to prioritize software quality
  • Using automated software development methodologies including change-based testing, continuous integration and regression testing

Download Presentation

System Testing Techniques for High Quality Software

Ute Katranski, Product Manager Testing Tools, Vector Germany

A walkthrough on:

  • Test concepts and test design methods for efficient HIL system tests
  • How to apply these approaches for pure software system tests

Download Presentation

Panel Discussion: Should Dedicated Teams be Responsible for Software Testing?

Moderator: John Paliotta, Vector North America

Panel members discuss their opinions and experiences:

  • Should there be dedicated testing teams or does everybody test?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?


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