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Today, almost every electronic device contains embedded software that controls the function of the device. The development of these systems is frequently complex, error-prone and difficult to manage without professional and efficient testing. Find out in the article what the future of testing will look like.

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Code Testing

Testing Trends – The Future of Testing

Testing Trends – The Future of Testing

Embedded software is ubiquitous. No one can get past it anymore. Functioning, reliable software is anything but a matter of course and cannot be obtained without professional and efficient testing. Can testing methods and test tools keep pace here? Answers on what the future of testing looks like can be found here.

ECU Basic Software & AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR Adaptive and Android – How Does it Match?

AUTOSAR Adaptive and Android – How Does it Match?

An increasing number of customers work with Android OS. Vector demonstrated an integrated solution with Adaptive MICROSAR and Android at the Vector Technology Days 2019. How to use easily AUTOSAR Adaptive services in Android? Watch the answer from the responsible Vector engineer in the video interview.

More News About ECU Basic Software & AUTOSAR

As a Vector Certified Service Partner you acquire expert knowledge for MICROSAR, the basic software for AUTOSAR Classic. Sign up now for the new semester!


In the Vector KnowledgeBase, MICROSAR users will find information and helpful tips for configuration. Benefit from a smart advisor. Discover it now!

E/E Development

Bridge the Gap, Get the Best of Two Worlds

Bridge the Gap, Get the Best of Two Worlds

One of the next major challenges in E/E development? How about E/E systems that combines AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive: can the gap between the two worlds be bridged? Is there a way for vehicle architectures to benefit from the advantages of both platforms? Let’s have a look.

More News About E/E Development

Designing a system with only one model is the way of the past. Today, product lines and variants are state of the art! How to master your E/E toolbox with PREEvision.


How to master the complexity of today's E/E systems? With smart tools like PREEvision. And with strong partners like ESG Mobility Munich.


Optimized Cybersecurity in the Vehicle Through Flexible HSM Software

Optimized Cybersecurity in the Vehicle Through Flexible HSM Software

vHSM is a software stack for hardware security modules that contains a wide variety of cryptographic functions for, e.g. SecOC, IPsec and TLS. Your advantage: shorter development times, and reduced integration effort thanks to a solution for OEMs and suppliers that fits perfectly into the automotive environment. More information.

More News About Cybersecurity

No Cybersecurity without Key Security – the challenges of the key management and its benefits through standardization in AUTOSAR. Read more in this article.


The Security Manager enables testing of security-protected ECUs and networks. Read here, how it works and which services are supported.


Efficient Verifying of Charging Communication with CANoe .SmartCharging

Efficient Verifying of Charging Communication with CANoe .SmartCharging

When verifying the charging communication of e-vehicles and charging stations, you will reach your goal faster with this latest CANoe option. Not only does it support the charging standards CCS and GB/T, but also ensures secure communication with ISO 15118 PnC thanks to convenient TLS handling via Security Manager from Vector. Read more about CANoe . SmartCharging


Your Entry into Virtual AUTOSAR Adaptive Projects with vVIRTUALtarget 3.0

Your entry into virtual AUTOSAR adaptive projects with vVIRTUALtarget 3.0

Access to AUTOSAR Adaptive is now also possible with vVIRTUALtarget. As such, Vector supports virtual software development for both AUTOSAR platforms: Classic & Adaptive. The connection to CANoe is also now simplified. The current version 3. 0 makes it possible, see for yourself.

ADAS & Automated Driving

Multisensor Application Development Just Got Easier: vADASdeveloper Now Supports Protocol Buffers and Raw MDF

Multisensor Application Development Just Got Easier

vADASdeveloper, our universal ADAS development solution for data recording, algorithm development, stimulation and quick visualization of processing results, just received a major update to version 4.0. Find out what's new.

Diagnostics & Flashing

Find out what's new

WM Motor now Diagnoses more Simply with Indigo.

Indigo, the fast and extremely easy to use diagnostic tester, is now also in use at the Chinese vehicle manufacturer WM Motor. WM Motor uses the simple and flexible parameterization of the diagnostic tester via ODX data. WM Motor users also highly appreciate the Chinese GUI of the diagnostic tester. Read more in the Case Study.

More News About Diagnostics & Flashing

ODXStudio 7: even more user-friendly thanks to the new GUI in Metro design and considerably faster with huge Packaged ODX files. Further optimizations in ODXStudio 7.

Consulting Solutions

Which industry trends will be shaping 2020? We’d love to hear your opinion!

Which industry trends will be shaping 2020? We’d love to hear your opinion!

As domain experts, your opinions move technology and transform challenges into exploration. Take part now in our two-minute survey and you are automatically entered in a draw for a free training or copy of our renowned book “Global Software and IT”.

Company News and Events

Vector Technology Days 2019

Vector Technology Days 2019

Missed out the #VTT19? Well, look at this: some of the latest and greatest out of our product portfolio in an interview series. We talk about smart charging infrastructures for EVs and about cybersecurity for ECUs. We explore how AUTOSAR and Android OS get along, and all about virtualized test drive environments. Watch it here.

More Company News

Our customer survey runs until January, 19th. If you have received an invitation, please take part. We will donate 5 EUR to UNICEF. So you are helping twice!

Upcoming Events Within the Next Weeks

Visit us at an event in your area or take part in a webinar conveniently from your workplace. Participation in Vector events is free of charge.

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Vector Events:

2020-04-21: Vector Automotive Ethernet Symposium 2020, Stuttgart, Germany


2020-04-22: Vector Cybersecurity Symposium 2020, Stuttgart, Germany


2020-04-23: Vector E-Mobility Symposium 2020, Stuttgart, Germany

Fairs & Congresses:

2020-03-17: 17th International CAN Conference, Baden Baden, Germany


2020-03-17: 8. Internationaler Fachkongress Bordnetze 2020, Ludwigsburg, Germany

All upcoming events in detail!

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